Nadia Arambula was born in Guadalajara Mexico. She started to dance Mexican traditional Folklore at the age of five. “Dance is in my genes when I was little, I usually wore my mom's long skirts and high heels to dance to the music she used to listen to at home, not even the most painful moment in my life stopped me from dance," Nadia said.


At the age of five years old, Nadia’s parents decided to enroll her in a summer Folklorico program since they’d noticed Nadia had a passion for dance. At the end of that program, Nadia was selected from a group of judges who invited her to join Ballet Folklórico de Bellas Artes in Jalisco, Mexico. From the age of 6 to the age of 12 years old, Nadia continued being part of this group and doing performances in different events and theatres in Guadalajara, Jalisco.


At the age of 13 yrs old, Nadia joined the Ballet Folklorico at her middle school and also started performing with that group around the state. When Nadia turned 15 yrs old, she decided to join the Ballet Folklorico De la Secretaria de Turismo (SECTUJAL) in Guadalajara, Mexico. In that group, Nadia had the opportunity to perform around the country and also traveled to Washington D.C. to promote “Jalisco es Mexico” through the Folklorico dance. At the age of 16 yrs old, Nadia started teaching her Mexican traditional dance in a dance academy in her city, at the same time, she continued practicing and performing with her dance team Ballet Folklórico de la Secretaría de Turismo.

In 1999 Nadia Arambula emigrated to the USA pursuing a dream, that dream was to move to another country to share part of her Mexican culture through the Folklorico dance. So it was, she started to teach in a San Diego local church, she started with approximately ten dancers and she named the group "Ballet Folklorico El Tapatio" in honor of her childhood since she got that name when she was twelve years old.  While Nadia was working with her group El Tapatio, she got the opportunity to teach in Morse High School and also in a Sports Center in Lemon Grove, Ca. She was teaching at three different places, to three different groups for about two years before she moves to Oakland, CA.

In 2005 the circumstances forced Nadia to moved to Oakland, leaving her group "El Tapatio" and the other two groups. As she says "The circumstances forced me to renounce to my group, but not to my dream". In Oakland, Nadia started to, again, look for the opportunity to continue her passion for teaching her Mexican traditional dance, and once again, she got that opportunity at Bohannon Middle School, but it was only for a short period of time. Once again circumstances did not favor her, so she stopped teaching her Folklorico dance during her three years living in Oakland, but she continued dancing for herself and she also dedicated that time to getting into an adult school to study and get her High School Diploma.


In April 2008 Nadia came back to San Diego, holding the same dream of continue teaching the Folklorico Dance to her same group of dancers that was part of Ballet Folklorico El Tapatio before she had moved to Oakland. Unfortunately, she was not able to gather her previous dancers, since she had to travel to her country to be with her sick mom, two months later her mom passed away. Nadia stayed in her country for one month after her mom died to try and recover alongside her family.


In July 2008, Nadia came back to San Diego. Still holding her dream, Nadia came back with the hope of reuniting her previous dancers, Unfortunately, it was not possible, the years had passed and her former dancers had either gone to college or they weren't interested in Folklorico dance anymore. It was painful for Nadia to realize that she will never again have the same dancers that used to forme Ballet Folklorico El Tapatio. Once again, she had nothing but her dream and her hope, but that was enough for her to continue pursuing her dream to form "Ballet Folklorico El Tapatio" group again.


The opportunity came to her, brought by one of her former dancers, she offered Nadia the basement of a Ballroom dance as a place for her to start teaching Folklorico dance again. Nadia was so excited for that opportunity, and of course, she accepted it! Nadia began teaching in that basement to six little girls, one of these girls was Nadia’s daughter, who was five years old. Nadia practiced there for about two months and then, a bigger Blessing came into her life; In 2009 Nadia was introduced to the director of Bayside Community Center in the community of Linda Vista in San Diego, and she got the offer to move her Ballet Folklorico El Tapatio from a basement, into a bigger place in the Community Center. By being practicing at  Bayside Community Center, BF El Tapatio steadily began to grow, there were approximately ten dancers when they first moved into the Community Center, and by 2010 "Ballet Folklorico El Tapatio" had grown to forty dancers, not only kids but also youth, and young adults. By that time, they were performing at different places around San Diego County. For example community fairs, festivals, schools, churches, hospitals, senior citizens’ centers, museums, among others.


Nadia’s dream had flourished and there was more to come. In 2014, Nadia got the opportunity to start a dance program at Encinitas, Ca, under the Encinitas Friends of the Arts, funded in part by the City of Encinitas Arts Division and Mizel Family Foundation Community Grant Program. They named this group "Ballet Folklorico De San Dieguito".

Nadia also volunteered her time as the instructor of the Ballet Folklorico FAMA at The University of San Diego. The three groups perform together around San Diego County presenting to other people and to other cultures the Mexican Folkloric Dance.







Special Thanks to my former Professors:

Laura G. Rosales R.

Gabriela Rodriguez

Veronica Rodriguez

Guillermo Hernandez

Anarosa y Benjamin Zuñiga



                                                                                       Nadia Arambula

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